Blog: Dave LeggettBMW 3 Series 330d Sport Touring

Dave Leggett | 14 February 2005

This week, I have been mainly driving a BMW 3 Series 330d Touring (the sport derivative - and my apologies to Jesse's diets, The Fast Show). BMW has kindly provided me with an E46 3 ahead of the UK media launch of the new 3 that I am attending next month. The car makes a very pleasant change from my usual old heaps I must say. The diesel engine has had good reviews and I wouldn't argue with them. Rapid and torquey acceleration in the 70-90 mph range is almost a new experience for me and one that I could get quite used to. And a car with a TV inside? I should really retire now.

But I am developing a very nerdy fascination with the GPS monitor. As well as giving you the street/road reference, latitude and longtitude numbers, it also informs you of your altitude, in feet. Would passengers please be advised that we are now beginning our descent. Cabin crew: doors to manual.


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