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Dave Leggett | 9 January 2005

Online blogs seem to be everywhere you look these days. I guess you just have to be increasingly choosy about whose outpourings you actually want to take time to read - based on some combination of the author's particular context (what they get up to and their experiences, thoughts) and their ability to actually write. The Big Wigs at GM have started a blog called 'fastlane'. Bob Lutz has kicked it off and it's one I'll keep an eye on (Ford next I guess). I hope it doesn't turn out to be a PR puff exercise. I'd have thought they'd be pretty busy running the world's largest car company, but there again, as I am continually telling people, doing this blog doesn't actually take up too much of my time.

It just has to be fairly free and easy, no big deal. And I never sweat on what people may think of a particular topic, viewpoint, or indeed what people will think of me (used to, but I gave up caring about that quite a few years ago now).  I can write about what I like and that's a great freedom. I really enjoy posting in this blog and it can be almost therapeutic - certainly a nice diversion at times from other forms of content on just-auto that I am less visibly involved in (but they constitute the main nuts and bolts of my responsibilites). This blog is more of a fun thing for me.

Will top execs in car companies or Tier 1s feel similarly uninhibited (or be allowed to be) in a public forum I wonder? A CEO or board member at a big company has to be a little bit careful about what they say in public. Just ask ex-Audi's Axel Rees. 

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