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Dave Leggett | 17 September 2008

How's this for a press release header: 'Hybrids and Harleys for Obama' to Roll Into Grand Rapids. Has the vote now been extended to certain vehicles? It's actually something to do with US presidential election campaigning and some anti-McCain stuff from Michigan Democrats:

In Advance of McCain Visit, Proud Owners of American-Made Motorcycles and Hybrids to Remind McCain Why Buying American Matters to Michigan Families

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Sept. 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, September 16th, Barack Obama's Campaign for Change will launch "Hybrids and Harleys for Obama" at the Grand Rapids Campaign for Change office. On the 100th anniversary of General Motors and today's unveiling of the Chevy Volt, owners of Harley motorcycles and domestic hybrid automobiles will be on hand to talk about the importance of buying American and how much they love their American bikes and cars. The campaign also unveiled a new "Hybrids and Harleys" website where supporters will be able to join with other Hybrid and Harley owners to track John McCain's public campaign against American made vehicles.

To commemorate the launch of "Hybrids and Harleys for Obama" Barack Obama's Campaign for Change has produced a special, limited edition bumper sticker to let drivers show off their commitment to buy American and support American jobs. The bumper stickers will be immediately available in the campaign's Grand Rapids and Detroit offices and available in other offices across the state by request.

John McCain recently denied having purchased a foreign hybrid during an interview with WXYZ in Detroit - despite having bragged about the purchase just a few months ago while campaigning in South Carolina. Video of McCain's Detroit gaffe, his original statements, and stories on the controversy are available at

McCain has also said he has a "philosophical" objection to all Buy American provisions that help our manufacturers - including opposing a requirement that the Secret Service use American-made motorcycles. [Congressional Record, 7/14/05]

For more information please visit:

I guess after what seems like a process that began a very, very long time ago, the presidential election will be hotting up over the coming weeks and the gloves are off. Maybe this all makes sense to Americans, but the tone of the attack on McCain seems a bit strange to me. I take no sides here, but the guy was a POW in Vietnam, so I'd have thought playing the patriotic card and implying that he has some sort of deep rooted objection to buying American might not be the way to go. And hybrids and Harleys getting together draped under the American flag? Odd combo.


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