Blog: Simon WarburtonBit of abracadabra from Renault

Simon Warburton | 27 January 2011

Renault's been a little bit, er, in the news lately and the company has even popped up at this week's World Economic Forum in the ski resort of Davos, Switzerland.

Now the French manufacturer may not want to be reminded too much of Switzerland, given one of its three sacked employee's story this week about being whisked to the country to examine alledged bank accounts, but here's Renault's Patrick Pelata turning up in Davos.

The COO inevitably had a microphone thrust under his nose in the resort, but sounded remarkably upbeat given the thunder raging around the company at the moment.

I wouldn't say jovial was the word, but he gives a little chuckle and engages in some light-hearted banter.

He even used the word "abracadabrant " - not something I've ever come across before - but seems to perfectly sum up the tales of espionage rocking France. Apparently Jacques Chirac coined the word during his tenure at the French tiller, with its connotations of the absurd.

What does Renault do now? Carlos Ghosn's live TV appearance at the weekend, while polished, gave no detail away, while it now appears, amazing as it seems that speculation is mounting the French secret service may be deliberately leaking information to the media.

Not being on the guest list at Davos, it nonetheless does seem the most extraordinary talking shop of the great and the good. But it appears most people spend their time looking over people's shoulders to see who even more famous and important may be lurking.

I wonder how long Pelata lasted.


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