Blog: Dave LeggettBiometric intoxication detection

Dave Leggett | 18 January 2011

Takata is in alliance with a tech firm in the area of 'biometric intoxication detection'.

The firm with the tech is called TruTouch and it is claimed that new technological advancements make it possible to measure a potential driver's intoxication level by quickly analysing light reflected from a person's skin.

The technology sounds interesting, but you need to 'enrol' so that the machine can compare the light reflections from your arm from sober you with intoxicated you. Maybe it would be useful in the 'morning after' scenario, but I can't help thinking that many of the accidents caused by drunk drivers wouldn't be impacted by this, as they tend to know they are intoxicated and that's not really the issue.

"We have a rich history of developing automotive safety innovations designed to save lives," said Robert Fisher, TK Holdings Inc. executive vice president.

"TruTouch has proven the capabilities and integrity of the light-based alcohol detection system, and together, we plan to integrate the user-friendly and cost-effective technology into automotive applications. This partnership will advance the commercialisation of these systems, bringing us closer to our vision of a day of zero fatalities due to automotive accidents."

Good luck with that...

Check out the TruTouch website and the pretty direct rotating messages on the left.



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