Blog: Dave LeggettBiofuels seminar

Dave Leggett | 18 September 2007

I'm attending an Institute of Mechanical Engineers seminar on biofuels hosted by Lotus in Norfolk this Thursday. The programme looks pretty good. I've also managed to get another biofuel car out of Saab (a 9-5 this time, thankfully without the lairy BioPower livery in three-foot lettering down the sides), so that I can actually put some E85 in the tank at the Morrisons in Norwich. There aren't too many E85 pumps around and there are obviously issues with biofuel provision - not least the incursion into the food chain.

But at least biofuels are a technology that is here and now (biofuels happily running alongside fossil fuels in the ICE, without the need for someone to invest billions in all-new infrastructure) and not utter pie in the sky (eg BMW's liquid hydrogen). 

Biofuels for Future Transport and Mobility


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