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Dave Leggett | 22 June 2011

The impact of the seemingly inexorable rise of the world's 'megacities' seems to be the talk of the moment.There's an interesting TV series running on the BBC that's worth a look if you can see it (not sure about non-UK). Transport infrastructure is very much at the heart of how city economies develop and it's a fascinating topic...

And Bill Ford has popped up at TED talking more specifically about the implications for personal transportation and the car industry. There's nothing unexpected in the presentation, but it's a good summary of the big picture and very well presented by Ford, who neatly works in his lifelong passion for the car industry AND the natural environment. There are a couple of good anecdotes on growing up in the Ford family... Worth a look while you munch a sarnie at your desk for lunch.

Bill Ford: A future beyond traffic gridlock


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