Blog: Dave LeggettBig JD’s 4WD report

Dave Leggett | 16 March 2004

Big Jeff Daniels has come through with a report for us that takes a look at the transmission market downstream of the main gearbox. Makes for a good read; I particularly enjoyed the potted history of the 4WD vehicle that is included.

Here’s a snippet from the report that amused me. ‘A survey carried out some years ago by Michelin, researching the likely pattern of demand for replacement 4WD tyres, revealed that more than half of all Range Rovers in the UK were registered in London postal districts.’ Given that London accounts for only around 8% of the UK’s population, that is a fairly staggering statistic. Here we go again. Trendy Londoners with more money than sense using big SUVs to go to the supermarket, pick up the kids from school, recycle at the local bottlebank etc.

But there again, an old Range Rover with a few ‘I don’t care too much’ dents in it is probably the ideal vehicle for the dog-eat-dog world of London driving. That or a severely battle scarred Volvo 'someone cared for this once' 245 (or even the smaller Dutch-built 340 - they are still surprisingly plentiful on the roads here and there's an indestructible one in our office car park, affectionately known as 'Goldmember').

Big JD report


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