Blog: Dave LeggettBig day for Renault

Dave Leggett | 2 June 2004

Big day for Renault? Pour quoi? Renault's €5,000 car for emerging markets will be unveiled to journalists in Paris. It's a critical part of Renault's strategy for emerging markets, embracing Romania (there's a Dacia element), Russia and Iran. Other countries are on the list of possible takers for assembly too. I hear that although it's cheap to make, it's a big car that satisfies that basic utility function that is so important in developing markets where cars are often workhorses carrying loads as well as a full compliment of passengers (the reason why cheap city cars  - such as VW Lupo - don't sell well in these markets). Anyway, we'll know soon enough what it looks like. I was hoping to be at the press event, but it hasn't quite worked out (Mark Bursa will be there however, and he has a brief to get me info that isn't in the press release). Renault UK have said that they will try and get me on the drive launch in the autumn though. 


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