Blog: Dave LeggettBig day for Ford

Dave Leggett | 26 July 2007

We're expecting the DaimlerChrysler and Ford Q2 results today. They don't get much bigger than Ford's. People will be looking for signs of improvement and that the turnaround is starting to happen. We should be hearing more about the Jaguar-Land Rover sell-off too.

They ought to be paying particular attention in Gothenburg. It's not all that clear what's happening about Volvo Car.

If it's bad today, then maybe someone will have said 'Volvo has to go' too, even though there are some issues with that (not least that Volvo assets were pledged as part of the massive loan deal arranged last year). Also, Volvo is a good and profitable global brand. Might make sense to hang on to it.

If Mark Fields wants to make that case to a sceptical Mulally who has shareholders complaining about no dividends and the urgent need to raise cash in one ear, it will help him if today's results aren't too bad and 'Way Forward' is still looking credible. 


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