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Dave Leggett | 28 November 2003

I was out last night with a couple of ex-colleagues I haven't seen for a while. It was an agreeable evening catching up over a few pints of Guinness and an Indian curry (yet again, I know). One of the fellows is fortunate enough to be able to run a couple of cars without the sorts of constraints that are imposed on many of us. He's single and he has a bit of cash. So, no, he doesn't really need to run a practical car. He has a Lotus Elise for when he wants to have some fun and a five-year old Jag XJ for more stately travelling. Pretty good choice I thought.

But he's had a few problems with the 'gentlemen's transport'. Unlike the Lotus, it's apparently a very cheap car to insure and you can pick up a big Jag on the used market for peanuts - they still depreciate massively. But if anything mechanical or electrical goes wrong, it won't be cheap to put right. And he's had to visit the garage for quite a few things. It used to be said that pre-'93 Jags were horrendous on reliability grounds, and that everything got a lot better after that when Ford quality processes made their impact. That may be true, but perhaps you still need to be prepared to shell out even on younger models. He's still happy though. He's the kind of chap who can laugh about these things and the kick he gets from driving the car more than compensates for the drain on his wallet. Wonder if he's taken to smoking the occasional fat cigar at the wheel?


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