Blog: Simon WarburtonBig ambitions

Simon Warburton | 18 August 2010

This from a programme in the UK called Dragons Den, which although I've hardly seen, colleagues assure me is a runaway success.

Two chaps - Gary and Faizal - presented their tiny car wheeze to the Dragons - who appear to have come down particularly harshly on the duo maintaining there's no specific business plan.

Looking at the cars, I can't imagine anyone driving them without frankly, attracting incredulous looks from passers-by or hoots of derision.

They remind me of Sir Clive Sinclair's C5 idea in the 1980s that attracted some of the worst press in years.

Apparently Gary and Faizal bought Peel Engineering, which makes the world's smallest working car.

Good luck with the idea lads, but do you genuinely think there will be a massive uptake for the midget motor?


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