Blog: Dave LeggettBentley and Dresden

Dave Leggett | 20 December 2004

I see Volkswagen's luxury Bentley unit has slipped further into the red - losing £251 million - in 2003, £100 million more than the previous year. The weak dollar won't have helped on US sales, but a fundamental problem for Bentley is that Crewe is not exactly a state-of-the-art production facility and Bentley is capacity constrained there. Continental GT buyers currently face a 12-month wait. Another 'baby Bentley' model is about to be added. Wouldn't it make sense to utilise some of the Dresden factory currently making the marketing nightmare that is the Volkswagen Phaeton for Bentley production instead - maybe the upcoming four-door variant? Some production of the model could be continued in Crewe for brand image reasons, but 12-months to wait for a GT? And Phaeton clearly undershooting its modest sales targets? An under-utilised modern facility building a luxury car on a mass-market brand that no-one wants and a true luxury brand struggling, at small volume, to build enough to meet orders? You don't have to be Einstein here.


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