Blog: Dave LeggettBeijing Show press day

Dave Leggett | 21 April 2008

I hear Auto China press day in Beijing yesterday was quite an ordeal for many. First off, there was the problem of getting to the showground due to the roads being, well, rather busy. It's probably not unconnected with boming auto sales and maybe you can't expect to have your cake and eat it.

Some pretty senior executives got held up in the gridlock and many had to brave the heavy rain to walk the last mile or so to the exhibition grounds - Carlos Ghosn was reportedly among the big wigs resorting to Shanks's pony. The physical trials of getting to the show were compunded by more logistical hassles concerning an overloaded online registration system inside the venue.

For those lucky enough to get inside for the bunfight and general jostling the fun didn't end there. I understand there weren't enough taxis to take the hordes home afterwards, ensuring a further drenching in the rain for some lucky ones.


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