Blog: Dave LeggettBeijing Ferrari parade

Dave Leggett | 27 October 2003

A parade of some two dozen Ferraris has made its way through central Beijing to park outside The Great Hall. It must have been quite a sight and I'm not surprised that the procession was dominated by Hong Kong owners with mainland Chinese being much more reticent about flaunting their wealth in such a manner. Some of these guys can easily end up in jail on corruption charges if they're not careful. Some corruption cases have ended with the death penalty too. I'd like to see how the local state media reported the event. Italian Motors probably has some very well connected customers, so it may have gone down quite favourably (or have been diplomatically ignored). However, there's always the danger of a bit of a backlash when extreme wealth is flaunted like this in a country that faces the tensions that China does. If I was Chinese and had the money, I'm not sure I'd feel too comfortable driving around in a Ferrari in the first place. Maybe I'm behind the times, but the last time I was in China - seven years ago - there were plenty of people sleeping rough in China's major cities. If China blows the way it has at times in the past, you really do not want to be standing out from the crowd.


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