Blog: Dave LeggettBeer anyone?

Dave Leggett | 3 September 2003

I keep getting calls and e-mails from people wanting to meet up in Frankfurt next week or invite me to dinner/receptions. Of course there are people I want to see, but it's tricky to accommodate them all in the time available and to be frank, I'm not sitting on a major 'drop everything' invitation. I've only got limited time at the IAA and I only have one evening in Frankfurt.

Therefore the plan is this. If you're at IAA on Wednesday 10th and want to meet up with myself and/or Ollie (Oliver Wilkinson - just-auto's research manager) and perhaps sink a glass of beer or two, then aim to be in the bar of the big hotel next door to the Messe entrance, the Hotel Maritim, from 6:30 in the evening. That's 6:30pm, Wednesday 10th, Hotel Maritim bar. We'll be there for quite a while, so come along later if you like. No big plans for the evening. Stay as long as you want. All are most welcome.

You know it makes sense - you can avoid the main show exodus and snaking taxi queue too. And after the physical ordeal of walking around the showground, you'll need a drink. Myself and Ollie will be wearing just-auto polo shirts, so don't worry if you don't know us - you should be able to identify us in the throng. Or we'll be the sad looking pair sat in the corner on our own.


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