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Dave Leggett | 20 January 2004

That BBC World television interview is history now. With Ford and GM Q4 results due this week, they concentrated on asking me about incentives, Big 3 losing share, effects of steel tariff removal, pensions. I could feel myself giving too long an answer at one point (and breaking into a ramble), but its hard to get the length of answer just right. So much to say. Oh well. Good to get the practice occasionally and you never know who may see it. Green room? There wasn't one. BBC World, I can report, is a pretty lean operation. Cup of water and on you go. In and out in ten minutes and back into the Mercedes with driver waiting outside. Fairly painless. Maybe I'll try and do more of these things in the future.

I can't believe how much traffic is on the roads early in the morning though. And one guy appeared to be up for a bit of road rage for some reason after we'd negotiated a busy roundabout in the Chiswick area of west London. He decided to dangerously swerve into our path on at least two occasions over the next few miles. His idea of revenge. But I'm glad to say the driver took it in his stride. We simply agreed that the chap concerned was clearly a twat and that was that.


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