Blog: Dave LeggettBBC TV? Thanks but no thanks

Dave Leggett | 23 July 2003

I've just had someone from the BBC on the phone interested in interviewing me about DaimlerChrysler ahead of the company's Q2 financial results. I feel sorry for them. They must be having trouble getting someone to do it. I'd happily do it in principle and it's nice to be asked, but they want me there in the studio by 6:15am tomorrow morning. It's a no-can-do I'm afraid. The last time I agreed to something similar, the pre-arranged car to take me to the studio failed to pick me up at the right time, we then got stuck in some horrendous traffic and to cap it off, they failed to fit me in to the schedule. It was a complete waste of time and what was left of my day was totally screwed up. I'm also not exactly at my best at that time of the morning. Are the movers and shakers really watching TV as they munch their toast and Rice Krispies? Who has the time for breakfast TV anyway?


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