Blog: Dave LeggettBBC interview - early start tomorrow

Dave Leggett | 19 January 2004

I've just agreed to go on the BBC World television channel tomorrow morning and talk about trends in the global auto industry. The BBC World channel has quite a good global audience I think (well, it's usually one of the offerings in your hotel room wherever you go isn't it?) so it's not a bad thing to do. But the downside is that they want me at Television Centre in west London at 6:30 am in order to 'catch the European audience'. Great. I'm not really an early morning person and I could hear myself - as I spoke to the BBC journalist on the phone - thinking of excuses to turn it down. Could they pre-record at a reasonable hour? No way apparently. It's live or nothing. Oh, what the hell - I've turned down a few of these, so it's about time I did one. If you watch BBC World at around 6:30 am GMT tomorrow morning, I should be there on World Business Report struggling to look lively, say something sensible and avoid rambling.

I just hope presenter Eamon Holmes and 'comedian' Frank - it's the way I tell 'em -  Carson aren't in the green room when I get to the BBC studios. I experienced those two at an unearthly hour at the Beeb once and it wasn't exactly the ideal preparation. Frank Carson was Mr attention seeker cracking unfunny jokes and describing in great detail some double glazing firm's sales rep junket he'd been on in the Bahamas, while Eamon Holmes was about as sycophantic as it is possible to get. I, meanwhile, was struggling to be polite and resist the temptation to tell the two of them to shut the **** up. As I say, I'm not really an early morning person.


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