Blog: Glenn BrooksBatteries not to blame for fatal BYD taxi fire

Glenn Brooks | 9 August 2012

A panel of safety exports has delivered a verdict in the case of a BYD plug-in taxi which crashed in May, killing three people. The panel found that the vehicles' batteries were not to blame.

The car in question, a BYD e6, was hit from behind by a Nissan GT-R which police in the southern Chinese city of Shenzen claimed had been travelling at an estimated 180km/h at the point of impact.

The findings of the police investigation into the collision stated that the taxi had veered off the road after being hit by the Nissan. The driver of the BYD, as well as his two passengers, died after the vehicle hit a tree. Various media published images of the car engulfed in flames.

The panel of experts appointed by authorities in Shenzen carried out its own investigations over two months. It has now reported that the occupants of the e6 taxi died of head injuries, rather than as a result of the fire. The battery pack did not explode, as some media had reported, but the fire WAS an electrical one. The panel found that its cause was a short circuit.

BYD had been due to launch the e6 in the US market earlier this year but is yet to do so.


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