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Dave Leggett | 13 November 2007

I have been up against a deadline today for a short presentation I am delivering next week at a conference in Barcelona and I've just sorted out a hotel also. A PowerPoint file has now been sent to the organisers and I think I have found a hotel room in a place that is reasonably priced and (well, hopefully, according to the online reviews I just read) not a complete flea pit (it's 90 euros a night).

The organisers have put the event programme on the web now and it looks quite good - I'll be there for the full two days. Nice thing about being a session moderator is that I have seen some of the presentations already. Looks good. Some top people are speaking and I guess I should take it as a bit of a complement that I have been asked to be involved. Okay, that's enough event plugging I think. Below link has more details. 

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