Blog: Dave LeggettBarcelona in May

Dave Leggett | 3 March 2005

I've just faxed off the registration form for the Automotive News Europe Congress event in Barcelona in early May. Looks like a pretty busy few days, what with a tour of the local SEAT plant, the Congress sessions themselves and the usual opportunities to meet people in the industry and hear some pertinent presentations from top execs and Big Wigs. I'm also going to stick around afterwards and take a walk around the Barcelona Motor Show. Flights from London to Barcelona are very cheap (it has cost me just £85 return including taxes, British Airways) and it looks to me after a quick look on the Internet like there is ample hotel accommodation to suit every budget - I have opted for the Solvasa Barcelona Hotel that the organisers have arranged. All in all, should be good. And I do like a bit of paella washed down with a glass or two of Rioja wine.

ANE Congress in Barrrcelooooona


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