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Simon Warburton | 9 January 2012

Compared to last year, the Detroit weather for the 2012 auto show is positively Bahamian, although that didn't stop me having to scrape the ice off the windscreen this morning.

A quick hop down from Troy and into the show proper, with thousands of journalists from around the world jockeying for interviews and the best camera angles. The profusion of camera lights also ratchets up the already-high temperature even more leading to some fierce heat.

Talking of cameras - somebody's just taken a picture of me filing copy - for what purpose I have no idea but maybe he was having a slow news day.

I also managed to grab a quick chat with Ford CEO Alan Mulally - after having persuaded some sceptical public relations people that I really was going to be fast.

Luckily, I knew the Ford boss from my time as an aerospace journalist and when he was heading up Boeing - it's not a bad CV the man has - and once that link was established he chatted away for a couple of minutes before his attendants whisked him off.

It's a show to talk to people while you can - by sheer coincidence as I write this on the Mercedes-Benz stand - the CEO of the US Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) Neil De Koker has just sat opposite me. I'm seeing him tomorrow, but it's always good to have an extra chat.

Interestingly, I saw Denso this morning and on their stand they are proudly describing how they came up with the stunningly simple but effective idea of the QR reader.

"We decided to lease the QR out and open it to everybody else," Denso SVP marketing & sales Terry Helgesen told me. We thought it would be more beneficial to overall society to open it up."

Denso's largesse shows there is sometimes more than just the bottom line.




Detroit 2012

Detroit 2012


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