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Dave Leggett | 2 May 2007

I have just read an alleged account of an experience as a GM employee that is a bit hair raising. Either the woman concerned is deliberately making the whole thing up (and she could be; let's bear in mind that the courts quickly sided with GM's management), or she is delusional or something like that, or - and this is uncomfortable to contemplate - it's actually close to the truth.

But why would someone be 'routinely bullied, harassed, and threatened by co-workers and supervisors' as she herself puts it? Why was everyone joining in to pick on this person? If this sort of behaviour was endemic, we'd already have plenty of accounts of it (and why would GM's management not want to sort it out?) and as far as I'm aware, we don't. People aren't always respectful, well-behaved, tolerant, friendly to all etc (and car plants aren't exactly stress-free environments either), but this account just sounds a little far-fetched.

Was the material sexed up a bit for the publisher? 

Or does this sort of thing really go on, under the surface?

True or not, the fact that her story is in print shows how easy it is to get something like this into print these days.

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