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Dave Leggett | 19 January 2007

We had quite a storm here, by our standards, yesterday. I clearly remember the 'hurricane' of '87 and yesterday's storm was the worst I have seen since then. The office is buzzing with tales of fallen trees (I have one to contend with at home - it landed safely on grass) and other damage done by the high winds. One of my colleagues trumps us all though - he went through the experience of a tree crashing onto his car while driving. His car is a write-off but at least he walked away unscathed and has a tale to tell. Others weren't so lucky. 

Seems to be rather a lot of extreme/strange weather about this winter. But amid all the fuss about the weird weather and the inevitable links being made to climate change, hasn't the weather always had its extreme moments (that storm of '87 being a case in point)?

On the other side of the world in Bali, where I would think the weather is most clement, Tony Pugliese tells me he's working on a piece for us on Proton. Proton seems to be putting itself about quite a bit in the search for a partner(s). I'm looking forward to reading Tony's take on things. The article should be on just-auto early next week.  

MALAYSIA: GM Proton interest confirmed


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