Blog: Dave LeggettBad haircuts allowed?

Dave Leggett | 19 April 2010

There's a GM press event taking place in the US later this week. Ed Whitacre is visiting GM's Fairfax, Kansas assembly plant. The heads-up notice for press people tickled me a bit.
This is lifted from it:

Media are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to event start time. Appropriate footwear (low-heeled, fully closed) is required. For safety reasons, open-back, open-toe or high-heel shoes (over 1 inch) will not be permitted in the plant.

Offensively coloured or patterned shirts are not advised and bad haircuts will be mercilessly lampooned by GM public relations staff in attendance. Neck-ties should be 100% devoid of organic material. Beards will not be permitted in the plant under any circumstances. Media colleagues are reminded that the 1985 'GM coloured socks directive' remains in force.

Okay, para 2 reflects my own insecurities about dress codes and appearance...


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