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Dave Leggett | 31 August 2004

It was a public holiday in the UK yesterday and I’ve had a bit of time out of the office for vacation lately, so today has a definite ‘back to school’ feel about it. Even the weather has got in on the act: cloudy and cool here this morning. Yep, the football season is well and truly underway, cricket is coming to an end and ‘The Great British Summer’ (blink and you’ll miss it) is almost over for another year. And my Inbox is a little on the full side and no doubt holding some unpleasant surprises – it always seems to when I’ve been away from it. It’s one of those seemingly immutable laws of the universe and the longer you’re away, the worse it is.

But thoughts this morning are also with a colleague who is really going for it. Just-auto contributor Mark Wilkinson will be taking a flight from London to Beijing later today and he’s not planning to be back anytime soon. The sometimes ‘intense one’ with a deep enthusiasm for this industry’s products and their engineering (but also, and importantly in my book, possessing the ability to laugh at the world, this industry and himself) is fulfilling a long-time ambition to spend substantial time in Asia and will be pursuing Chinese language studies at a university just outside Beijing. I spoke to him yesterday and he was still sorting out some of those important little details like where to leave his car, but he was understandably pretty excited. One of his first jobs will be to buy a bicycle to get around. I’ll be keeping in touch with him and we should be receiving copy occasionally. Just don’t get too angry with the other cyclists Mark.

Right, now to my Inbox… 


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