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Dave Leggett | 31 July 2006

I am back in the saddle this morning after some time out lazing on a beach in Devon. Mind you, it’s interesting to reflect on how far (or not) we really switch off from work these days.

I found myself keeping tabs on my email because I could and because it is sometimes better to deal with things as they arise rather than simply leave them until back in the office. And I was pretty discreet about it (I think), checking the old inbox once a day for anything interesting or time sensitive.

I am not sure if that makes me a sad git (yes, it quite possibly does), but it did mean that I knew there was a whole load of Q2 financial results released last week and playing catch-up today is less onerous that it would otherwise have been. I may not be hitting the ground running exactly, but it is maybe a case of hitting the ground jogging, at least.

Anyway, one of last week’s Q2 results that was always going to come in for a bit of scrutiny was GM’s. In the event, GM posted a big loss but the loss was mainly down to restructuring costs. GM was actually in profit on its automotive operations and is still doing well outside of North America. Even North America was better though and there was apparently some cheer for GM’s beleaguered management, as it could claim that the existing turnaround plan is bringing results. From what I can gather, reaction to GM’s results has been pretty positive. They were better than expected.

After Kerkorian so publicly bounced Wagoner into considering the possible alliance with Renault and Nissan, this looks like round two to Wagoner.

US: GM loses $US3.2bn in second quarter


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