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Dave Leggett | 2 May 2003

This is something of a wayward entry to the Blog. More of a recommendation based on bitter experience and a reminder of what is good practice for all of us - but easily overlooked. Earlier this week I was almost reduced to jelly at the thought that the hard drive on my laptop could be about to perish. It's a downward spiral as you start to think about what may be lost and the consequences. I've no excuse when the techie guy looks at me and says, 'But you've backed up the important stuff, right?'. I lost a hard drive about eighteen months ago and it was a little traumatic at the time. I even had to recreate Internet bookmarks from scratch. I've had a lucky escape this time around and I am determined not to let this happen again. If you're like me, you probably tend to have your mind on higher things than backing up files and I'm in and out of the office so much that I've never got in to a habit or set up an automated routine. If you use a laptop as part of your work, do yourself a favour and just think about it - hard drives on laptops fail more often than the manufacturers would have you know.


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