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Dave Leggett | 18 January 2008

As I accurately predicted, I didn't see very much of Vigo earlier this week. I did get the chance to put a few questions to PSA CEO Christian Streiff, but it wasn't exactly one on one. I was part of a group of maybe fifteen journalists sat in a hot and stuffy room with him for an allocated slot of ten minutes (with minders checking watches). It was law of the jungle in there. You couldn't politely wait your turn to get your question in, you had to jump in or you simply had no chance. Plenty of people in there didn't get a chance to ask anything.

Anyway, I've written something (below link) that tries to put what I saw and heard in Vigo into a broader perspective.

Streiff seems like a decent guy, actually. Just in the way he deals with people he is friendly and civil, not at all condescending, and that is certainly not always the case with people who have big jobs. But as one colleague neatly put it, 'they are all smiling assassins aren't they?'

Flight coming back was a bit bumpy in the wind, but after what happened at London Heathrow yesterday with that crash landing, I'm not complaining.

One strange fact came out of the Vigo plant director's (Pierre Ianni) presentation yesterday. According to PSA, 10,000 is the optimal number of daily steps for car factory workers. They've been measuring with pedometers and analysing the results. Time and motion men aren't dead.

What was the weather like in Vigo? Grey, cool and wet. Not much to see in the coach to the airport. Looked green though and someone said the region, Galicia, is Spain's equivalent of Wales - wet, mild and green with undulating countryside. I don't like it too hot, so that and the seafood certainly make it sound more than okay for a proper break sometime. Don't go in January though.

One completely removed talking point: I wonder what Ford of Europe person is lined up by Tata for Jag-LR job?

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