Blog: Dave LeggettBack from Paris

Dave Leggett | 24 June 2003

Got back from the Auto News Europe Congress in Paris today. Hectic couple of days and, as per usual, I seem to have been burning the candle at both ends. (Look, I'm just a sociable guy who doesn't want to cause offence by turning down hospitality.) I'll be working on getting some kind of write-up nailed down tomorrow. It was a well worked event and Crain deserve some credit for hosting an automotive get-together that is really unique in a European context. When you can get Bernd Pischetsrieder and Louis Schweitzer to give after dinner speeches, you must be doing something right. Schweitzer was pure quality, one of those guys who is even more impressive because he is not like some of the more ego-centric auto execs I could name. I'd like to interview him before he goes off into the sunset, if I can. Nissan Infiniti brand coming to Europe? You bet - and well before 2010 I would think ('before 2010' was as far as Patrick Pelata would go today; Louis refused to answer that question last night).


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