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Dave Leggett | 26 October 2006

I'm back from Barcelona and new Mini. It really is all-new, though you wouldn't know that to look at the new one. The outgoing Mini was a pretty good product (the sales figures do not lie) but there are some significant improvements to the new one. Certainly a good car to drive - retains the go-kart style handling of the old one and is fun to drive on twisty country roads. I heard mainly good things about the car from others who were on the trip. It is quite pricey though, by the time it is specced up.

Only mishap on the trip was that myself and Julian Rendell found ourselves hopelessly lost in and around Barcelona - we were on the wrong side of the city without a relevant map. No sat-nav either.  We asked for directions a couple of times and the locals did their level best to help us. But to no avail. We could get no bearings to work with and became progressively disorientated as night fell. We were eventually guided in by cell-phone from the hotel that was our destination.

If we hadn't been able to swallow our pride and call in for help, we'd probably still be driving around the maze of highways just outside the city. As Chris Willows, BMW's UK PR head put it, 'You had a Mini adventure'.

Mini article is below.

SPAIN: BMW charts growth course for Mini brand


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