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Dave Leggett | 13 April 2004

For goodness sake lad, never look a gift horse in the mouth. I'm looking at two air tickets that Toyota Europe has kindly purchased for me to enable me to attend the opening ceremony for Toyota Corolla Verso production at its plant in Turkey next week. It's a major Big Wig event and I'm grateful of course. And they're paying for my accommodation also. Thanks again Toyota. Hopefully, there'll be some editorial benefit.

The return flight from Istanbul to London is British Airways. Great. Known quantity. BA uniforms - red, white and blue everywhere. Well trained staff. Half-decent food and drink. Reassuring British accents in abundance. Sense of humour always to the fore (I recall that the BA flight from Tehran to London I took last year was especially fun). But going out will be a first for me. It's Azerbaijan Airlines. I gather it was once part of Aeroflot. Aaah, new experiences and all that...    


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