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Dave Leggett | 23 October 2008

That AW Briefing event I mentioned earlier this week was certainly information rich. I got a couple of news items out of it. Frost & Sullivan's Anil Valsan explained how stop-start technology (BMW loves it as part of 'efficient dynamics' and lower average CO2, as do PSA and Renault) will be growing in volume in Europe. Adam Chase explained how squashing algae - they feed on CO2 as well as light - might one day be a source of relatively environment friendly fuel.

Along the way we heard a little about oil reserves and about the psychology of the oil market and how OPEC works. There was also the sobering judgement that market fundamentals still point to higher oil prices in the long-run, even if they have come way down off the near $150-a-barrel high.

And there was the opportunity to float questions in a relatively small group. BMW's lone furrow ploughing with liquid hydrogen in an ICE? Let's just say that it wasn't taken terribly seriously.

Special mention should be made of the hardworking and extremely delegate-friendly AW hosts, Santino Pietrosanti and Michael Franklin. Santino, it turned out, is a native of New York City and a car guy with quite a soft spot for European car brands, especially Volkswagen and Ferrari. That's a Ferrari transmission gate on the lad's shin. Now that's what I call brand devotion.

Here are the articles:

UK: Stop-start set to jump in Europe – analyst

UK: Gen 2 biofuels some way off


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