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Dave Leggett | 3 September 2007

How many miles do you drive in a year? That's a tough one for me to answer because I own two cars which clock up quite a bit of mileage and I also drive press cars from time to time. One of the cars I have does around 12,000 per annum, the other about 6,000, but both those estimates could easily be thrown by a couple of long journeys (like going to France on holiday, for example). The press cars? Dunno. 

But 12,000 miles is about the average per car in Britain.

Do people drive further in other European countries? Maybe. If I knew I could drive to northern Italy in a day, I'd be sorely tempted. Why not take a look at Switzerland sometime? Belgium anyone? Bavaria? And if there are Autobahns with unlimited speed sections, maybe a journey that would be a train journey here is doable by car.

Britain is quite densely compacted. Most of us live in the southern bit. It's a broad corridor from the northwest of England and through the Midlands that opens up into the southeast around London. Seriously long journeys are either to Scotland (nice place, but I haven't driven there since 1987) or 'The Continent' (great place, better food, but you have to cross water by ferry or go underneath - either way it involves quite a bit of time and expense). 

If we do travel less than our Continental chums, it seems a bit unfair not to add time as well as mileage when improving warranty. 

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