Blog: Glenn BrooksAveo, ash and acrobatic angels

Glenn Brooks | 24 May 2011

It has been a busy 24 hours here in Switzerland on the Aveo launch. It's a roomy little car and a big step up over the outgoing model. An interview with Cesare Prati, Chevrolet Europe's head of Sales will follow. How many Camaros will he sell next year? Perhaps as many as 2,000. Will the new Cruze hatchback be quietly added to the existing model line? Not at all - Chevrolet is planning to push it as a new, extra model in one of the region's largest segments. Is GM planning to launch the forthcoming Colorado pick-up and Malibu (Epica replacement) in Europe? Look out for the answers to these and other questions in a forthcoming interview.

Right now, most of the journalists seem a touch concerned about the expanding dust cloud that might yet prevent us from landing back in the south of England. I must be a proper Brit (well, a naturalised one at least) after almost 20 years up here in the northern hemisphere as 'Keep Calm And Carry On' is what I'm telling myself. And there are worse places to be stuck than tidy, efficient, and brightly sunny Zürich. Some readers might also enjoy one of the attractions of the hotel adjacent to the airport (and thanks to the Radisson for the free WiFi I am presently using) in the link below. Dine in the hotel's restaurant and acrobatic alleged-angels will fetch your wine:


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