Blog: Dave LeggettAutomotive production chain - new 'briefing'

Dave Leggett | 3 June 2003

Ollie informs me that the latest management briefing for just-auto members is now available for download. Colin Whitbread (who works alongside Eddie Chew at Autobusiness) wrote it for us. Colin has made a bit of a specialism in this area of late and he told me this week that Autobusiness has a major research report on the subject coming up. Click on the link below to get hold of the briefing paper - exclusive to just-auto members.

While on the subject of Autobusiness, I've agreed to speak at their Frankfurt event later this year at which research organisations and publishers - including just-auto- describe their wares and what they are all about. It'll be in September, thoughtfully coinciding with IAA and it is also sponsored by the German auto industry trade association - VDA. It is a good opportunity to see what's around in the research area these days. Nice irony about the venue at the Messe: 'Fantasie' room. For more details, check Ed's website:


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