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Dave Leggett | 19 July 2007

I'm up to London this arvo to meet up with Automotive PR's MD Martin Hayes, a gent I have known for many years. APR seems to be doing well and has an interesting looking client base. They have also seen the importance of having a decent website - lists of clients, case studies and they've even got the staff blogging away. One of the clients is NAC - Nanjing Auto, owners of MG. I won't open up that subject here and now.

But the work of the PR people in dealing with a Chinese client must have been challenging at times, I'm sure. And who would you get to perform at a big Chinese press conference/event to emphasise the British heritage of the MG brand? Reformed Spice Girls? Elton John? Oasis? Rolling Stones (if they change some of the lyrics)?

No, it's simple: get a Beatles tribute band. The Chinese will all know the songs and they'll also be considerably cheaper than Elton. No tiara throwing tantrums either. Job done.   

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