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Dave Leggett | 11 November 2005

Last night was Automotive PR's annual party for journalists and their clients at a bar in London. Free booze and nibbles (spicy rice balls were to die for) from early evening till late. It was a good turnout, with several people who freelance for just-auto, and whose names you may have seen at the bottom of articles, along (eg Rob Golding, Sue Brown and Mark Bursa).

But you have to be careful at these things. My approach is to lay off the wine and stick to beer. That way I might stay halfway sensible for longer. The wine was in big glasses and I just know I would not be able to resist the all too frequent top-ups. 

One conversation had me enthralled, but I am not at liberty to divulge who it was with or exactly what it was about and it could have been the vino talking. But imagine a whole country with a developing auto industry going for a technology leap that is straight over existing technology - a little bit analagous to rapid cell phone network development in those poor African countries that choose not to invest in landline telecoms infrastructure because it is too expensive and they don't have to. Blimey, there's a clue in there...

Thanks again to Martin Hayes, Chris Wakely, Marco Ferrari and all the crew at Automotive PR for hosting what has become a very aggreable annual event.

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