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Dave Leggett | 26 November 2004

I was at the annual Automotive PR do at the 'garden caff' (Le Cafe du Jardin) in London's Covent Garden last night. It was an aggreeable evening all round - good turnout of journos and industry people. Rob Golding, Mark Bursa, Julian Rendell (Autocar), Chris Macgowan (SMMT), Philip Wylie (PwC), Jim Gibbins (Truck and Bus Builder), Massimo Pini, Eddie Chew (, Sue Brown, Soren Sarstrup, Jeff Daniels and Ian 'Waggy' Wagstaff are just a few I chewed the cud with. The wine was well and truly flowing (thanks to Martin Hayes and all at Automotive PR).

Unfortunately, my powers of recovery aren't what they were and I have a slight headache this morning (I seem to remember that when I was 18 I could go out for a swift gallon of cider - that's eight pints - and have no after-effects). But I am sure that there are one or two people nursing worse hangovers than me and I draw some slight comfort from that.

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