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Dave Leggett | 4 April 2008

I'm attending an Automechanika press conference in London today. I think the component fairs organiser has a story to tell (it's not just fairs in Germany these days), though this is more a wild card event for me than most.

A nice PR lady made a special effort to get hold of me on the phone yesterday. The call was duly transferred across the office. I'd already confirmed attendance so what could this be about? Do they want to help me with setting up an interview or something? Is there some kind of editorial aspect to this event that needs to be discussed in advance? And then the burning question that the poor woman is ringing around on came: are you a vegetarian? There's lunch afterwards, you see. No, I said, I eat anything, anything at all. And that was that.

At the other end of the telephone conversation complexity scale, I've agreed to be interviewed for a radio programme this evening about Tata. No idea what I will be asked and the interview should last for around 30 minutes I was told. Heck, how could I say no?



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