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Dave Leggett | 16 September 2004

I've just come across a website that makes for a lively read - The tagline is, 'The bare-knuckled, untarnished, high-octane truth', which gives an idea of what lay within. It's very Detroit and US-focused, but there's a mix of solid industry commentary, motorsport stuff, pics of customised cars, pretty girls etc. Some serious stuff and some fun stuff. Worth a look as you chomp through that sandwich at your desk this lunchtime.

There's some discussion of that recent mass Pontiac giveaway on the Oprah Winfrey show. I hadn't really got past a gut-reaction that such a giveaway seems rather excessive and somehow just morally wrong (hope I'm not sounding too humourless or pious here). But it is pointed out in the autoextremist column that Pontiac may have got a good bang for its buck in terms of simply raising awareness of the Pontiac G6 to a very big audience. But will that translate into serious consideration of the G6...  

What next for shows like Oprah? Maybe she's into self-parody and this is some kind of clever send-up or wake-up call to the tens of millions who tune in to watch such bilge.


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