Blog: Dave LeggettAUTOCEE2003 Conference, Prague

Dave Leggett | 4 September 2003

I've seen some conference marketing literature in my time, but this year's AUTOCEE Fifth Annual Central European Automotive Event brochure takes some beating.(The event will be held in Prague, October 7th-10th.) The conference brochure runs to no fewer than 16 pages and judging by the impressive list of speakers, it could be useful to know about if you do business in that region. Dr Carl Hahn even writes the opening note.

And how much will attendance for the three main conference days set you back? Just over 4,000 euros. It ain't cheap, but the organisers are forecasting that this year's conference will get 350 participants against last year's 240. Conference organisers generally seem to be having a tough time of it these days, but maybe these guys have cornered this particular market. Programme looks good with plenty of depth from people who should know what they're talking about. Maybe I'll try for a free media ticket and go along. if you want to know more:


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