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Dave Leggett | 20 November 2003

As I've already mentioned, I'm planning to go to AutoExpo in Delhi in January and I've already been kindly sent some material in advance, including a copy of Autocar India. It appears to be a sister mag to the UK's Autocar but the masthead does not say anything about Haymarket publications - the UK Autocar's publisher. Nope. Looks like Hormazd Sorabjee publishes, produces and edits it. No wonder the last time we were in contact by e-mail - a few years ago - he seemed to be a very busy chap. Great read though - crammed with info. Here are a couple of nuggets. GM is banking on Daewoo models with Chevrolet badges (like the Matiz-based Spark) to lead penetration into the Indian market and Nick Reilly claims that Daewoo enjoys a 20% cost advantage over European companies. Fiat is planning a diesel version of the Siena for India which will be called the Maestro (where have I heard that name before?). The new Honda Accord has apparently got off to a good start and has 'left rivals panting' and Hindustan is still going with the Ambassador (based on the old Morris Oxford) - there's a new variant on the market called the Ambassador Grand.

And there's an interview with MG Rover's Kevin Howe in which he maintains that discussions with potential partners are continuing in China, presumably not with Brilliance.


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