Blog: Graeme RobertsAustralian body-slams car

Graeme Roberts | 23 June 2011

Ping goes the Inbox and one Arthur Koulianos emails: "Thought you might be interested in an entertaining video that we produced for a car care programme we promote here in Australia called MyCarBudget. 'Man Body Slams his Car'. It is an employee benefits programme. We use the video to present to staff, certainly wakes them up."

It sure would...

The unfortunate car, by the way, is a Ford Festiva. A what? It's a Mazda 121-based Pride built by Kia (in which Mazda still had a stake at the time) for Ford Asia Pacific in the late '80s/early '90s. It was also sold in the US.

There was a more rounded second generation that also found its way to the US where, this time round, it was called the Ford Aspire. I remember the New Zealand launch. Ford used it to also promote a new line of child seats and I still have one of the 'Festiva bears' that stood in for live children as we trundled around South Auckland. It was one of many launches run by the late, imaginative, Louise Teesdale, a top PR who moved on to greater things at Ford of Europe and, lastly, Ford Australia.

Twenty years on, Ford's Asian entry-level car is its own Europe-designed Fiesta, built locally in Thailand.


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