Blog: Dave LeggettAus Liebe zum Automobil…

Dave Leggett | 27 May 2004

Remember the Audi advertising strapline, ‘Vorsprung durch technik’ (which, I believe, means forward/progress through technology)? It worked well in terms of sticking in the memory and the phrase eventually passed into common usage in non-German speaking countries, although its meaning was sometimes stretched a tad. In England, the phrase lent itself as a way of describing the German flair for hi-tech precision engineering certainly, but also for the famed German industrial efficiency. Maybe the meaning was sometimes stretched to imply efficiency executed in a slightly ruthless and uncaring way – comedians liked to use the term I recall.

Now Volkswagen has come up with a strapline in German which we will also get to know as it will be used globally. It doesn’t trip off the tongue yet, but wait till you’ve heard and seen it a thousand times.

As from this summer, all Volkswagen advertising, both in the UK and abroad, will carry the strapline ‘Aus Liebe zum Automobil’.

In VW’s words: “The new phrase will capture the spirit of excellence and passionate attention to detail at Volkswagen because, literally translated, it means ‘For the love of cars’. However, ‘Aus Liebe zum Automobil’ will be kept in German as a Volkswagen UK decision to create intrigue and underline Volkswagen’s heritage.”


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