Blog: Graeme RobertsAuris Hybrid claims approach real world ability

Graeme Roberts | 21 May 2010

You might recall that when the second generation Toyota Prius was launched in the UK there were complaints from owners of something of a gap between 'official' fuel economy figures and 'real world' achievement. If memory serves, owners were getting around 45 and the official claim was about 20mpg above that. But there are encouraging signs the new Auris Hybrid may more closely manage 'official' claims.

At the press launch in Spain this week, the headline figures were 3.8 litres/100km (and 89g-93g/km of CO2 emissions, according to wheel size) and 'combined' MPG in the 70.6-74.3 range. The car weighs up to the same as the Prius - about 1,420kg.

Amazingly, we got very close to the claim. In real-world driving. The Spanish drive like lunatics so the occasional pedal-to-the-floor action is required to escape pending disaster, the city streets are as crowded as those anywhere, freeways generally flow well and a lot of country driving is very hilly. Yet, without taking any special economy measures, just-auto and a colleague from consumer organisation Which? saw the 'average consumption' reading sneaking lower and lower the further into the first day's 200km test run we went. 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, 4.5, 4.0, even 3.8 for a bit. Certainly, it looks like 4.5-6.0 isn't going to be too hard for the average driver to achieve.

Around 4.5 works out at roughly 60 to the gallon in the old money. Currently driving a slightly larger '99 car that averages 32mpg, greased, with a tail wind, I'd be more than happy. Hopefully Auris Hybrid owners will be, too.


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