Blog: Glenn BrooksAudi UK powers ahead of BMW and Benz

Glenn Brooks | 29 February 2012

Just back from the media launch of the facelifted Audi A4, where the importer has boasted of a record 6.65% share of the UK market in January. That's now a long way ahead of the other premium German brands.

How has Audi done it? The 42-strong model range (e.g. the A4 range comprises the saloon and Avant, plus the same again for the S4, and the allroad quattro) helps a great deal, but more than anything, it's about brand perception. Put simply, Audi here in the UK does seem to have an enviable image.

Of course once you're on top, there's usually only one way to fall but Audi UK thinks it can stay number one, even with the imminent launch of the new BMW 3 Series saloon. In January, 8,563 Audis were sold versus 6,273 for BMW (brand) and 6,249 for Mercedes-Benz.

The revised A4 and S4 range is, Audi says, all about fewer emissions and better performance. Sales start on 1 March. I'll publish my thoughts on the new cars in a few days' time in one of our Product Eye pieces. But in short, the updated A4 line-up is an impressive effort. Oh, and the S4 had me intrigued: I know it's got a supercharged V6 under the bonnet but you cannot believe just how much it sounds like a V8.


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