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Dave Leggett | 1 December 2005

Imagine a TV channel devoted 24-7, seven days a week to Audi. That's a lot of airtime to fill, even allowing for a fair bit of looping. What sort of content would you put on it and how do you avoid it taking the form of one great big blatant advert for the brand and its products? Now there’s a question that a few people at Audi UK and its TV production company may be pondering. Audi has its own TV channel in Britain now, on the UK Sky Digital platform and the idea is that it can offer a mix of infomercials, documentaries, interviews and Audi motorsport content.

The technology is apparently there to do this sort of things cheaply now, much more cheaply than just five years ago. And when you factor in the fact that some of the content can perhaps be parcelled up for distribution to Audi websites worldwide – it starts to sound like an interesting idea in principle.

But it might still be difficult to get viewers to buy into the idea unless the content is pretty compelling. People are pretty descriminating about TV content. As an Audi owner, you may well be interested in some reasonably heavyweight stuff about, say, Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive technology or upcoming models, but there is some very serious competition for your TV-viewing time these days. And a programme produced by the manufacturer itself is always going to smack of bias isn’t it?

Interesting idea though and must be worth a go. You can watch some of the content on the Internet via Audi’s UK website (link below).

British ski champion (yes, there really is one) Chemmy Alcott talks about her training regime in Austria, the A3 Sportback very much in evidence all the while. Easy on the eye item, but not much meat in the sandwich. And cricket commentator Mark Nicholas is interviewed while being driven to Lords cricket ground in an A8. He doesn’t seem all that relaxed and doesn’t say much. Maybe the sample on the website is unrepresentative, but I’d rather watch an old episode of Top Gear or The Simpsons any day of the week.

I wonder if this experiment will last, but I do salute Audi in giving it a go. One to watch.

Audi channel content on Audi UK website


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