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Dave Leggett | 25 October 2007

Must say I like the look of the ‘new Audi A1’ (okay, the Audi metro-thingy concept shown in Tokyo this week that previews it). Audi misjudged the market and got the economics all wrong on the A2. High aluminium content and its structure made that car expensive to build - for a small car - ensuring small margins at best. It might still have worked if the market had lapped it up. But it wasn’t exactly a car with a look in keeping with Audi’s image. An oddball car.

Audi has perhaps learnt some lessons from that experience.

The Tokyo Motor Show prototype will certainly form the basis for the eagerly anticipated A1, which will be launched at the end of 2009.

Thomas Krauter from Audi’s concept development department explained that each section – which extends from the base of the A-pillar to the base of the C-pillar – was carved from a single block of aluminium. “It was an idea of the design team and the board [of management] really love it. If it happens on the production car it will be made in sections to keep the cost down,” he explained.
Krauter added that the final design of the A1 has not yet been signed off, so public and press reaction to the Metroproject – including the roof – can be incorporated. 

TOKYO SHOW: Small Audi concept provides strong 'A1' clues


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